Is It Time For Drug Rehab?


Diagnosis and assessment

Diagnosis begins with you making first call to a Drug rehab clinic. You may have expectations of that call; it will involve an initial intake with you and a follow up intake appointment with rehab administrators and a behavioral healthcare professional. During the intake you need to be honest with what problems you are having and why you think this particular facility can help. They will assess your condition and make recommendations of what they can do for you and create an individualized treatment plan for your success.

Facility qualifications and treatment options

You may be in much distress and not thinking clearly so having someone to help you find a facility that offers many options especially if you need to detox is extremely important. Researching or finding recommendations on the facility can be helpful. Treatment options can include in house detox, in house residency (30 up to 90 days), or outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment can be a first line of treatment course for you or it may be included as follow up treatment following a short term residency stay.

Program options

Each facility in your area may offer different program options. Individual men and women’s programs are common. There are also special programs that cater to adolescents. A Dual Diagnosis will require a specialized treatment plan the important things is there is treatment available. Many facilities use a 12 step program to help change your way of thinking. There also are Christian based programs that can be very successful for some people as well as holistic and wellness alternatives. The message each of these programs seems to have in common is “the person you are got you into this mess”, you have to make changes to your psyche and surroundings in order make it as a clean and sober person.

Financial Assistance

It is so important not to let money stand between getting the help you need to live a happy, healthy, drug and alcohol free life. There are many financial aid programs available for Drug rehab clinic facilities. There is State and Local funded addiction programs that may differ in each state. Government funding is available through Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services in the form of grants, as well as Medicaid, Medicare, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Affordable Care Act. If you have personal health insurance there may be coverage for addiction programs included in your plan. At the time of your intake you can find out assistance available to you. The important thing is that you are reaching out for help; let someone be on the other end that can help you.