Save Yourself from Diet Stress

Eat Clean and Drop the DietBalance Your Plate

When the holidays roll around, the added pounds do, too. In fact, on average, an adult will gain between 2 and 4 pounds each winter, mostly due to poor navigation of the holiday party buffets. Going on a “diet” during the holidays is generally just self-sabotage. The temptation eventually causes dieters to crash hard, eating twice as much as they would without the diet and when you combine sugary meals into the mix it might just end up being time to contact your local orthodontist Winnipeg.

Consider these positive alternative approaches to the holiday season and stop the winter weight-gain cycle!

1. Balance Your Plate: Before promising to never eat fudge again, look at your plate’s balance first. There should be a little bit from every food group, including carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables or fruit.
2. Be Unrefined: Refined foods means foods that have been processed, stripped of natural nutrients and quality. Instead, choose brown rice, quinoa, and raw or natural sugars over processed white sugars.
3. Slow the Flow: A fast way to add those calories is with alcohol. Slow the flow of wine, beer, and hard alcohols by first drinking a full glass of water between beverages, and choosing alternative drinks. For example, try wine spritzers instead of a full glass of wine, hot apple cider instead of egg nog, and light beers served in small glasses instead of out of the can or bottle.
4. Earn the Meal: Before attending winter parties, make sure to earn the calories you are about to ingest. Think a minimum of 20 minutes of hard cardio and you may have burned enough to enjoy an extra nibble. Also, never go to parties or dinners when hungry; always prepare by eating broth soups, salads, and lean protein before attending festivities.
5. Make the Switch: Throw parties with health food as a focus or bring healthy options with you. Switch out high fat and sodium traditional sides with a better option. Ditch the green bean casserole and switch in roasted green beans with garlic, olive oil, and salt. Ditch the traditional high fat onion dip and switch in low-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
6. Forgive Yourself: Unless you are in a high-stakes weight loss competition, forgive yourself for dietary mistakes. Give yourself an “oops” card and start over again immediately, but remember the mindset should be eating healthy, not starving or limiting enjoyable foods. Change how you see healthy eating and drop the negative diet woes.