Indoor Winter Workouts to Fight Winter Weight

Top Five Indoor Calorie Burners

Winter is a beautiful time of year, with snow falling and people ice skating, holiday lights sparkling, and cookies freshly baking. Yet it is this time of year that regular workouts fade faster than the shortened daylight. Excuses fly, explaining why there isn’t enough daylight, warmth, or time to fit in a workout. This helps explain the average of 2-4 extra pounds added to most adults during winter. Excuses be gone! Here are some indoor alternatives to the ordinary workout. The best part is that many of these activities can be made social, thus making your workout more of a party than a sweat session.

1. At-Home WorkoutsWinter Workouts
Create your own at-home workout that balances strength training and cardio. Use the following as an example to comprise a short workout, then invite over a close friend to keep each other motivated and challenging each other.
Start with warm-up cardio, such as jumping rope or doing jumping jacks. Do this at a slower pace for about 30 seconds to get the heart rate going. Then, alternate 30 seconds of cardio with each of the following strength training:
Push ups, three sets of 10. For beginners, modify with knees touching the floor, but still lower completely to the ground before pushing back up. For advanced, at the top of each push up, roll to one side to make Star pose by balancing on first left hand and left foot, with torso stacked over left arm and leg, and right arm and leg reaching toward the ceiling. Roll back to finish the push up and then try the other side. Push ups are more than just the arms- this works out the back and core as well.
Tricep Dips using a low chair or sturdy coffee table. Do three sets of 15 repetitions. This is a great way to stop the back arm jiggles.
Bicycle crunches to flatten abs, at 30 reps (15 each leg) and three sets total.
Lunges and squats, preferably with dumb bells or filled half gallon water jugs. 15 reps of 3 sets each while either just holding the weights or, if advanced, curling with each dip. This engages the entire body.
At the end, make certain to do a cool down with some stretches, then drink plenty of plain water.

2. Rock Climbing
Indoor rock climbing and bouldering is certainly becoming the rage. Gyms are sprouting up anywhere there is an active population. A moderate climbing session, with an average woman, will burn over 320 calories for a steady 30 minutes of climbing. In general, that might be about three top rope routes minimum.

Don’t know how to climb? Most gyms offer group lessons for a price. Find another friend who wants to learn and see if the more you bring, the cheaper the lesson. Don’t have a belay partner? Find one of the bouldering gyms and work on climbing by yourself. Either way, spend enough time at the gym in winter and you’ll be ready for outdoor climbing in spring!

3. Rowing Machine
The stationary rowing machine has recently blossomed in popularity, despite its presence for years. A vigorous workout of roughly 30 minutes can burn almost 300 calories. For an at home workout, rowing machines don’t have to cost much. In fact, the cheaper versions also tend to be smaller, taking up less room in the home. Rowing machines are a great choice because no previous skills are necessary to use it, it is low-impact, it burns as many calories as other machines, it is a strength session simultaneous to a cardio workout, and the rowing forces you to use your entire body.